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Our team

molly manwill

Molly is the Founder and co-editor of Making Roots. She has a degree in Ecology & Conservation, with a particular interest in Sustainability and Conservation.

She has travelled extensively almost continuously for 4 years. Combining a passion for travel, conservation, experience managing in hospitality and an environmental degree, naturally she has specialised in Ecotourism and Sustainable Development. 

 "I like bringing environmental issues and sustainability to the forefront of public awareness, in ways that are easy to access and digest. I have long since removed myself from the “extreme” end of the environmental spectrum, as I found living that lifestyle didn't work for me, and I want to find practical solutions for business and community to be a little more sustainable everyday."

Lee hankinson

Lee is our Chief Scientific Advisor and co-editor.

He has a masters in Marine Biology and is known to many for his huge understanding of everything marine but also his keen knowledge of all things science and politics.

He works as Lead Scientist on a conservation project, whilst dedicating his spare time to lots of great causes, including Making Roots. He is also a great photographer, and his Instagram is always filled with amazing underwater shots with nuggets of science too.

Lee is super approachable and his dedication to science and this relatability makes him a perfect advisor for us, and you! 

Faye vogely

Faye is a guest writer for us here at Making Roots. Her and Molly met whilst working at Lang Tengah Turtle Watch and saw eye to eye on sustainable yet enjoyable lifestyles. We recognised her incredible scientific knowledge and very readable style of writing and invited her to be a permanent guest writer.

Faye: My background is in Animal Behaviour, especially that of primates. Over the last few years I’ve worked across the globe to learn more about different primate species - but then I realised that there was an enormous gap between the scientists in the field, and the communities they were living in. So since then I’ve focused on re-training in science communication, working on bringing together the amazing world of natural science with the public that engages with the natural world every day.

In my spare time you’ll often find me in bars and coffeeshops, enjoying the wonders of animal (human) behaviour, on nature reserves and beaches, or travelling to find out more about how communities worldwide are learning to coexist with nature. You can find out more about me on my website www.frayme.portfoliobox.me, or by sending out a comment to one of my blogs on here - let’s open up a conversation, and solve the world’s problems! (Suggested starting point: people that walk too slow on the sidewalk. Suggested finishing point: an equal world for all animals and humans and healthy coral reefs. We just need to figure out the bits in between...)

Contact Us

We are constantly looking for collaborations, conservation projects needing some support and big ideas. Drop us an email or find us on instagram (we love a DM) and lets see what we can do together.

Email: hello@makingroots.co.uk

Instagram: Click the social links or find us as "Making Roots"

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