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Making Roots is Growing.

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

We are growing. It’s exciting to see the blog I started over two years ago now, develop and expand.

What started as my own personal project to release a creative desire to write about my passions in evolving into what I hope will be a fantastic opportunity for others to do the same, in an easy way.

Because the team at Making Roots are putting in all the hours humanly possible to build a platform. You’re going to see lots of changes happening on the website over the next little while, as we start to embrace a new era.

We love Making Roots and what it lets us bring you. Key conservation issues, sustainability topics and science. But we want to be able to bring you more! Website design, develop and upkeep is a lot of work, that most people do not have time to do! So we want those scientists doing incredible work but don’t have resources to develop their own website, to utilise this space to talk about their amazing work, raise awareness and discuss the issues of our time.

Eventually we would love this to be entirely financially self sufficient. This is an ambitious idea, especially paired with the fact that we then want Making Roots to be Not for Profit. That means pumping any profits the website creates will be used to pay our staff to be fairly, and ethically paid to report on important issues. This also means paying those conservation staff a fair wage for the articles they produce to educate and enlighten us.

It’s ambitious, but it’s a dream that is certainly attainable with help. There has been multiple hands driving change and building Making Roots. And we need you too!

We are looking for writers, bloggers, conservationists, scientists, web developers, marketers, social media specialists and anyone else with a set of skills we might need, that are looking to help. All work on Making Roots is currently 100% volunteer and so perfect for recent graduates or people wanting experience and to highlight their cause. Any expertise you donate now is helping to build a system that educates and gives back to try and alleviate some of the ecological and socio-economic problems of our time.

Thank you in advance for everyone who has developed Making Roots. I'm proud of where we have come so far and excited for what the future brings for us.


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