30 Easy Eco Tips

There is so really good news. Heaps of ways to become more sustainable are simple, easy and cheap. You really can start doing them today! Here we list the top 30 things you can do to start your sustainability journey.

ONE: Quit plastic straws TWO: Use a reusable coffee cup THREE:  Eat less dairy and meat FOUR:  Reduce your single use plastic use FIVE:  Reduce your home energy usage (switch off those lights!) SIX:  Limit your food waste SEVEN:  Reduce how much processed food you eat EIGHT:  Check the source and sustainability of fish before you buy NINE:  Get clued up on recycling and be strict with it! TEN:  Buy vintage jewellery ELEVEN: Reduce your fast fashion habitat TWELVE:  Be an ecotourist on your vacations THIRTEEN:  Buy natural fibered clothes FOURTEEN: Minimalise FIFTEEN:  Use your electricals until they die then recycle then SIXTEEN:  Use reusable shopping bags SEVENTEEN:  Support small local businesses EIGHTEEN:  Buy quality NINETEEN:  Use your library  TWENTY:  Choose black coffees  TWENTY ONE:  Use public transport  TWENTY TWO:  Get into nature! TWENTY THREE:  Donate your time or expertise to a good cause TWENTY FOUR:  Use a safety razor instead of disposable TWENTY FIVE: Quit disposable pens TWENTY SIX:  Opt for more eco friendly toiletries  TWENTY SEVEN: Use up before throwing out TWENTY EIGHT:  Use a bamboo toothbrush TWENTY NINE: Switch off your phone and go outside THIRTY: Read and research as much as you can!

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