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My Favourite Digital Nomad Spots, Ubud.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I have spent a good few months in Bali now, with 90% of this time being in the blissful Ubud working as a digital nomad.

So here are my top eco/ vegan- digital nomading restaurants (mostly) in Ubud. There are some cheaper gems and splash outs. These are cafes and eateries that I use, that I love. I find Ubud much better for working, is much more peaceful and with lots of places in walking distance.

Bali Buda.

An absolute heaven for healthy eaters, but a hub for all eaters, with vegans, raw eaters, pastry lovers, beef eaters ALL catered for. They are a truly remarkable business that have been at the very forefront of plastic reduction for decades. They are as eco as you can hope to get with a business and the food is to die for. Throughly recommend. There is however, no wifi! So this is really your chance to do your offline work.

Dayu Warung. A tiny little local Warung. I have been visiting for many years. They were ahead with the straws, not so ahead with a lot of their packaged goods in store. But the food is really really amazing (tempeh burger) and the wifi is great. So comfy and relaxed and you are supporting a small Balinese owned and run business.

Warung Sopa.

One of the most famous and most loved vegetarian restaurants in Ubud! It's just enough out of the way to be calm and semi-secret whilst remaining close enough to walk to without a scooter! Prices are brilliant, wifi is good and food is delicious. A real digital nomad daunt for a reason.

Elephant Cafe. This is the most incredible restaurant. I visited in the daytime but I can only imagine how beautiful it gets an sunset and at dinner. A super ethically sourced and run restaurant, it's a total must when visiting in Ubud. No wifi, but the location, food and space makes this the perfect spot to knuckle down to some blissful internet free work.

Total serenity.


A sweet little cafe along the main street, the food here is really really good. We had THE most delicious mezze platter here, as well as veggie breakfast which was unreal.

Money not a worry?


On the pricer side of things, this uber chic brunch venue is the ultimate spot for digital nomads to hang out. Food is incredible and wifi is fast. Winner. Great Wifi.

Alchemy: An incredibly inspiring and easy going space. A treat for vegan raw organic lovers. A little pricey, if you’re on a budget, not ideal. But if you’re happy to splash a little for incredible quality food and space. Hell yeh.

Wifi is amazing too.

Earth Cafe: An eco food lovers delight- but a bit overpriced for what you get. I love their ethos and work but personally I eat elsewhere. Ok wifi.

Locovore. An sensory experience and food delight. “Expensive” on Balinese standards but not bankrupting compared to Aussie or English prices. Don't do any work here. Enjoy the whole experience.

Seminyak Haunts:


Kynd is a vegan eatery that is just about as on trend as it gets. The food is UNREAL, and I've been trying to recreate my meal there ever since. I really really recommend a visit, although you might have to book. It's also sometimes a little tricky to work- as it can get so busy. However the wifi is fast, coffee is incredible and so head in mid week!


Uber chic coffee shop in Seminyak, worth a visit, but probably not suitable for long term work as it's incredibly busy!

Cafe Organic:

Cafe organic is super pretty, light and airy space to work. However, it is busy and at the weekends working in the restaurant isn't ideal. Head there in the week when it's a bit quieter and you'll get amazing food and drink and working space!

So there we have it. Some of my tried and tested spaces for working, to save you traipsing around Bali looking for wifi/ a positive work space. If you've enjoyed the list, comment below or via social media.


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