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The Sustainable Store by Making Roots.

We have offically launched an eco-store- The Sustainable Store by Making Roots.

We're all about consuming less and consuming better. I love sharing make it yourself recipes and tips- because I like to do that myself. So it might seem ironic to open a store, selling things. But this store has been excruciatingly thought out, because we all still need to buy essentials, and so this way, ethical, eco essentials become more accessible.

Eco cotton buds won't save the planet- but our other work might. And the store is designed to rise to the challenge. It's time to step out of the echo chamber. We can't feed ourselves on ideals, and in the very apt words of Toast Ale- "If you want to save the world, you have to throw a better party than those destroying it."

Opening a store is an incredible opportunity to combine something very special to make us unique. We are ecologists. We are conservationists. We are tiny home livers, gardeners, climate eaters and low wasters. But we are also making a difference. Eco, ethical business is an important player in moving forward. We are not promoting excessive eco-consumerism, and we are promoting long lived products.

We want a better world- and the store is helping us to contribute to that. It's from a place of privilege to suggest everyone can make everything themselves, or even the other way around. We are all different. We don't all have the opportunity to change jobs to something ethical, to work on our beliefs, to fight climate change. But for those that want to do as much as they can right now, we want to provide an opportunity to do just that.

And in helping customers make an ethical purchase, customers are helping us to generate change. We are doing things very differently. We are NOT SOLELY about profit, business and making a winning from the scene. Instead, we want to UTILISE business for good. To show how it can be done, with transparency, ethics and using this to do some REAL good.

I have developed the stock myself, from 4 years+ living low waste and with a ecology degree under my belt. This is not a "solely" plastic free store. This is an environmental store addressing many aspects that are important, not just those issues that are fashionable. This means some products will not appeal to everybody. Some products will not fit every environmental box. But they are products that I believe in, and have sourced in the best way that I can right now. The store will probably evolve and some products will go but what is certain that we will get more!

I also want to champion small, ethical business. These are the game changers that work long long nights, putting their beliefs before profit and we need more of this. Championing this, means we can support them, support better products and also change demand.

We look forward to where to store goes, and I hope you enjoy the it!


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