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We're moving into a Tiny House!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

In a months time, life is taking a big overhaul for us…

We’re moving into a tiny home!

We are swapping our digital nomadic lifestyles for something a little more grounded. Switching out the planetary home for a one bed converted farm building in England.

And I cannot wait. I am looking forward to routine, to stability and to getting my hands dirty in the garden again. To have cupboards with flour and seeds for baking, suitcases stowed! Life ebbs and flows and for us, this next chapter of change is one that is needed to revitalise and cool our sometimes frantic travel lifestyles.

We’re in this really exciting position, as minimalists, that we have very little possessions to set up with. So we’re moving into a tiny house, with no need to “declutter” or “deown” before we move in. This means though that we are going to need essentials. And we can begin to build our home from the bottom up with things we really want to fill our space with!

We aiming to set ourselves up with minimal (potentially zero!) new purchases. The only new purchases I can for see are bedsheets. Otherwise we’ll be ethically sourcing from secondhand sites, charity shops, friends or the last measure from ethical stores.

One of my first jobs will also be stocking the freezer! I cannot wait to have solid meal prep back into our lives. Having home cooked essentials in the freezer goes an absolutely HUGE way in helping us to remove convenience foods (pre made pastas and breads) and the associated packaging, so I’m super pumped to get back to baking.

I'm also excited to get back into the "eco-living" that is absolutely no doubt much easier in a home. Plus based in a tiny home we are really living our values. We're going to be low waste, low footprint and mostly plant based. We're so excited about this new chapter of our lives starting next month. Who knows what opportunities it will bring.

If you know of any incredible bamboo bedding companies, please let us know.


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