Handcrafted, Repurposed Wooden Christmas Decoration


We are very proud to stock these wooden Christmas decorations for a limited period. 


The decorations are lovingly saved discarded wood, handcrafted in Sussex. Therefore, all decorations are made from a variety of woods. Wooden main with string for hanging, they should last a lifetime or longer of special Christmas memories. 


Plastic free and package free. They are also free of paint, making them the perfect gift for children or toddlers who would love to paint their own decorations, or adults alike who would like to match their decorations in. Also beautiful left plain. 


£3.25 each with two options: Christmas Tree or Reindeer. 


We have limited stock, as all decorations are hand made. If you would like a greater selection or bigger orders (for the whole tree) please contact us : hello@makingroots.co.uk.




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