Primal Suds Shampoo Bars

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We are super proud to be stoking Primal Suds.
From the products they lovingly hand make, to the makers themselves, we really believe in Primal Suds.
Natural soaps, vegan, plastic free, palm oil free. These are the ultimate eco product. We currently stock a range of "flavours".
I thoroughly recomend following the Primal Suds usage instructions found on their website for natural Shampoo!

Not suitable for children.
Check for product ingredients.

Our refund infomation can be found on our main store page.


Primal Suds shampoo bars are the ultimate eco product. Reducing the amount of plastic you use but also chemicals, Primal Suds shampoo bars are amazing.


Being a natural product, we really recomend heading to the Primal Suds website to get the full lowdown on how to use the shampoo bars.


Shampoo Bars are plastic free, packaged lovingly in cardboard.


Not suitable for children.


  • Care Instructions

    For best use advice, check out the Primal Suds Website.

    To keep your soaps lasting for the longest time possible, keep it dry! Storing your soap on a soap ladder, or as per Charlottes Cupboards advice, put a stone in the bottom of your soap whilst it's still soggy, to ensure it never sits flush to any surface.

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