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Welcome to our page dedicated to articles related to The Philippines. Here you can find all of our blog pieces, relating to our time in The Philippines all snug in one place. 

August 9, 2018

Dear Nescafe,

I am writing to you, to inform you of something, I am sure you are already aware of, but I would like your help to resolve it.

I am a conservationist, with special interest in sustainable development. This means that I want to conduct conservation work- with special regard to helping communities in biodiverse regions benefit economically and developmentally from wildlife. This gives them a big reason to protect the...

August 7, 2018

I have just extended my British tourist visa by 29 days, hassle free. I know before I was a little nervous, so I've written down what advice I followed beforehand, and what I did. Here's to another 29 days of this view..

Before you go:

Dress smartly- an important one. Don’t rock up beach casual, stick on a shirt and shoes- it's important sign of respect. Most people in Immigration Bureau were smart to smart casual. I wore trouse...

May 31, 2018

As you may know by now, we're going to The Philippines for a little while! As soon as we agreed to a trip to The Philippines, we knew we had some work to do with our packing...

The Philippines has a problem with recycling and disposal of plastic, and we’re super excited to get involved in beach cleans and plastic free campaigns.

We are living and working on a tiny island, in the middle of an extremely rich and diverse marine eco...

May 25, 2018

We are in the Philippines!! We flew in to Cebu very late on the 23rd, and stayed in a hotel next to the airport as a place to put our heads down post flight. The flights are long and we had a lot of luggage to cart around and we were both beyond exhausted when we arrived. Next day we bought some fruit and caught a bus up to next stop, which is a beautiful hut on the beach on the very Northern tip of Cebu Island.

First impress...

We are moving to the Philippines!! 

Melbourne is certainly getting a bit chilly & oppertunity calls. We’ve been city bound for 8 months and we’ve learnt a lot, travelled a lot, worked a lot and now it’s time to move with the exciting plans and follow the sun.

So. In about a week Lee and I fly to Cebu & on to a new job for Lee and a freelance ecotourism consultant & freelance writer role for me. Thes...

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