What is Making Roots about?

Making Roots was originally created to promote conservation, and world ecology. However, after a lot of living, travelling and seeing hugely varied ways of life, it became clear that even for someone with an ecology and conservation degree, living a holistic, eco-conscious, sustainable life can be hard.


Everyday life poses choices that tests both willpower and is plain out confusing about what the best choice is… There is a lot of highly emotive, judgemental media relating to our everyday choices. But doing the best for the planet and all it's inhabitants shouldn't be scary, patronising, extreme or difficult. We will not preach something we don't practice ourselves or ignore the odd guilty pleasures.


 Making Roots is an evolving platform that is open minded, creative but workable, to inspire you on ways that you can have a simple, more sustainable, healthy, happy lifestyle whilst still enjoying life. After all, often the changes that help our health, save money also help reduce environment footprint. With small adjustments it’s so easy to live a more sustainable practical lifestyle.


Making Roots is based on scientific findings as far as possible, we want to remove the emotive, extreme side of sustainability and promote a way of thinking that is practical for you, good for the economy and protects the environment. But it's not all green! Holistic the buzz word, and we want to write about engaging topics that aren't purely environment or sustainability based, but how to enjoy yourself guilt free. Because after all, you have enjoy the fruits, right?


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