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About Us

Making Roots was founded in 2015 to promote conservation, ecology and living with a lighter footprint. This is with the understanding that we all have different access to resources and different circumstances, so every person's versions of "eco" will look different.


Making Roots is an evolving platform that is open minded, creative but workable, to inspire you on ways that you can have a simple, more sustainable, healthy, happy lifestyle whilst still enjoying life. After all, often the changes that help our health, save money also help reduce environment footprint. With small adjustments it’s so easy to live a more sustainable practical lifestyle. Making Roots is evidence based as far as possible to promote a way of thinking that is practical for you, good for others too and protects the environment. Making Roots ethos is strongly founded in environmental justice.

Since Making Roots started we've produced hundreds of blogs, set up community fridges, run workshops, attended schools, attended markets and events and met hundreds of people trying their best to be a little bit more sustainable. 

One of my favourite villages on the plan


Molly is the founder and main writer at Making Roots. She has a degree in Ecology and Conservation and a masters with distinction in Sustainable Development.  The root of Molly's passion about sustainability, is ecology. After her degree she spent 6 years travelling and gaining experiences across the field of conservation. This led to a better understanding of the integral role society and people play in conservation. Teamed with a rich life experience and an interest in how conservation and ecology interacts with people, she focussed her masters on political ecology.  

Molly's passion is writing and is the key writer for hundreds of blogs produced since 2015, but also to outside publications.

You will probably find Molly foraging, advocating for people to get outside and enjoy nature, collecting things off the beach, writing or cuddling her dogs.


Lee Hankinson MSc

Lee is a senior environmnetal consultant and underwater photographer. He has a huge knowledge around marine ecology, especially benthic corals and also politics.

You will probably find Lee reading up political news, taking underwater photos, editing them or dreaming up new parts for his underwater camera.

Lee also sells his prints and those can be found here-

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 10.31.39.png

We sometimes have guest writers on our blog, from across the field of sustainability, check out the Making Roots to find out more.

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