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Making Roots was originally created to promote conservation, ecology and living with a lighter footprint. However, after a lot of living, travelling and seeing hugely varied ways of life, it became clear that living a holistic, eco-conscious, sustainable life can be hard.


Everyday life poses choices that tests both willpower and is confusing about what the best choice is. But doing the best for the planet and all inhabitants shouldn't be tricky and should fall within the scope of what we can do. We will not preach something we don't practice ourselves or try to provide alternatives. We think this approach is important because we all have different access to resources. All of versions of "eco" will look different, which adds to the beautiful diverse tapestry of life.


 Making Roots is an evolving platform that is open minded, creative but workable, to inspire you on ways that you can have a simple, more sustainable, healthy, happy lifestyle whilst still enjoying life. After all, often the changes that help our health, save money also help reduce environment footprint. With small adjustments it’s so easy to live a more sustainable practical lifestyle.


Making Roots is based on scientific findings as far as possible, we want to remove the emotive, extreme side of sustainability and promote a way of thinking that is practical for you, good for others too and protects the environment. But it's not all green! We write about engaging topics that aren't purely environment or sustainability based, but how to enjoy yourself guilt free. Because after all, you have enjoy the fruits, right? 

It's also important that when we think about the environment, we solely focus on the environment in our actions. To have a fair, just community we cannot have environmental justice without social justice too.

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One of my favourite villages on the plan

Who Am I?

I'm Molly and I'm the founder and editor at Making Roots.

I have a degree in Ecology and Conservation from The University of Sussex. Since graduating I've worked in Sea Turtle conservation in Malaysia, with Rewilding and lots more. I am a passionate writer about the environment.

I am now currently a masters student at SPRU (Science Policy Research Unit) at The University of Sussex. I'm studying Sustainable Development.

Making Roots is my escape. I absolutely adore writing and teaching about the environment and sustainability.

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Lee Hankinson

Lee Hankinson Msc is our science editor and my partner.

He is an environmental consultant and underwater photographer. He is known to many for his huge understanding of everything marine but also his keen knowledge of all things science and politics.

Guest Writers 

We sometimes welcome guest writers to our blog. Head over the the category of "guest writer" to find their articles.