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I’m in a toxic relationship with _nescaf


making roots 

HRH Prince charles 



In 2018 we wrote a letter to HRH Prince Charles.

The letter detailed how Duchy Products in Waitrose- with strong links to his brand, was packaging in non recyclable plastic. We wrote to ask if he knew that, and how we could help to change that. We received a reply from his private security, giving us permission to write to the CEO of Waitrose on their behalf. 

We wrote to Waitrose and received two letters detailing the ways they were planning to reduce their plastic. However two months later Waitrose released a public statement that they were planning to reduce far more drastically their plastic use, due to customer demand. 

A planned aspect of this campaign was to raise awareness about the campaign, reading plastic packaging when shopping and to making change as a consumer. 

Our social media post on the campaign had an enormous response, with over 2000 likes, 33000 reach, 180 comments and 70 saves on Instagram! 


nescafe/ Nestle-

The philippines


Whilst in The Philippines we noticed a huge prevalence of packaging of Nestle products on the beaches and in the ocean causing pollution. 

We wrote a "love letter" for Nestle on Facebook and Instagram. The idea of this post was satire, making light of the fact we were still consuming Nescafe from a jar- yet picking up plastic sachets on the beaches of a tropical paradise.

The post received different responses on Instagram and Facebook. It got shared a number of times on Facebook including with the CEO of Nestle in The Philippines.


We followed up our "love letter" with a brand audit beach clean, that confirmed Nestle products as one of the biggest contributors to pollution on the Malapascua.  


Social media

Campaigning for healthy social media use.


Social media is an incredible, free resource that can be used to inspire, educate and connect. However there are aspects of social media that are worrying, unregulated and damaging.


We have been discussed these impacts since we began. We are developing a campaign, to highlight ethical use of social media, in a growing online space.


If you are concerned about social media, have experience with the negative aspects of the online world or would like to contribute and work with us in this new campaign please email with the subject: Social Media Campaign. 


The most effective campaign we can all run, is the everyday changes to our lifestyles. The small actions that vote with our wallet.

However, sometimes things need a bit more oomph. We regularly run campaigns for a better planet. Here you will find our previous campaigns.

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