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Social media is very much engrained into our everyday lives. We use social media for our cause.

Is it healthy?

It's very important to remain aware of the negatives that social media draws into our lives, as well as how we can do good.

This section of Making Roots is designed to engage a discussion about social media and how we can make positive changes into this community space. 

Things we currently do on our own platform to create a healthy space:

- We never ever photo shop any images. Photoshopping our images would create an unhealthy workspace for us, as we want to feel able to express ourselves. It also generates unhealthy perspectives for our wilder audience. "Warts and all" is the aim. We use filters- but natural and to create a flow. 

- "In Real Life" - we try to keep as true to life as possible.

- We don't post on Sundays. Although you might see a few stories- we keep our Sundays free from timeline posts. This promotes healthy attitudes to rest days, and a break in social media. 

- We follow accounts that follow our ethics too, as much as possible.

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