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How do we choose what we sell?

We try and stay "essential" with what we sell. Consumerism has driven many global problems and overconsumption of ethical products is still overconsumption. Therefore we try and ensure what we sell is really the essentials. 

Do you do affiliate programmes?

At the moment, no. We are very careful with our advertisement, trying to maintain ethical use. Although it might change, while we grow and figure out what is ethical social media use is, we aren't doing any affiliates programmes.

Why are Loofco Products labelled vegan?

Loofco uses NO animal products to create their game changing cleaning products. However, in regions where coconut and loofah grow, farms use monkeys to collect coconuts. Loofco DO NOT use or support farming using animals in this capacity.

What is a transition period with shampoo bars?

We will never explain this as well as Primal Suds and we super recommend reading it: 

How do 

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