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Help us

Isn't it fabulous that the world is so full of like minded and incredible fellow people that want to help and do.

We're so lucky that people reach out to us and ask "how can I/we help?"

So we thought it was time to put together some advice for those that want to do something amazing, and help. 

Helping us, can come in a number of different forms. 


The first thing that makes a difference, is to follow, like, comment and share on our socials. This really goes a huge way in helping us get out there! It's also free, quick and easy! Following fellow accounts like ours too, while you are at it, is a HUGE way to vote for something incredible! 


Donate your skills! If you're passionate and skilled in something you think we might need, we would love your help! This does not have to be ecologically based, environmentally focussed or even in the realms of sustainability. Websites, accounting, photography, videography, writing, painting, juggling. Donating your skills is a fabulous way for you to donate , knowing that you will make a huge difference in our work! And we will be ENORMOUSLY grateful!

Buy your essentials at our store! We opened The Sustainable Store to fund our conservation work. When you purchase things you need with us, we use the profits for school visits, Rewilding, awareness.

If you are lucky enough to be in the position to donate money, we have a Patreon account for monetary donations. We run entirely not for profit. This means that any donations we receive are reinvested in new content, new education and new campaigns. We are passionate and dedicated, with the entire four year start up process of Making Roots being entirely self funded. Your donation will go an enormous way to ensure we can keep going! Your help also ensures we can remain completely independent.

Hire us! We work across many fields, including personalised consulting for your event. We work with party planners, wedding planners, venues to ensure your event is as low impact as possible. This goes beyond paper straws, and includes finding epic conservation projects that we love to support too.

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