You might be aware of ocean plastic, and the impact that single use plastic is having on our planet. 

But did you know that actually one of the leading causes of this plastic pollution, comes from our clothes??


Polyester clothing is actually a form of PET plastic! It's not biodegradable and when washed in our home washing machines it sheds plastic fibres. Current sewage treatment centres do not have the facilities to remove this pollution, meaning it enters rivers and eventually the ocean. These fibres are microscopic. They can easily enter the food chain, when eaten alongside microscopic algae and plankton that form the natural part of the diets of marine life. 


There are some really simple steps you can take today, to reduce that impact that your Polyester and synethic clothes are having on the planet...

If you already own and wear Polyester clothing: 

  • Wash your clothes less often 

  • Wash them on cold, gentle washes with low impact earth friendly soaps

  • Wash them by hand if you're feeling really dedicated!

  • Install a microfibre "catcher"

  • When buying new clothes, check to make sure they are natural fabrics like linen, cotton, bamboo.


Natural fabrics are those that are made from naturally grown fibres. These include bamboo, cotton, hemp, silk, linen, wool.

Natural fabrics have a number of benefits

They are breathable and comfortable

Some have anti bacterial qualities, like bamboo.

They are often light weight yet insulating 

They are timeless and classy wardrobe essentials 


The important big picture of "fashion"

The fashion industry can be a hugely wasteful, environmentally degrading industry.

You can limit your environmental impact of your clothes a few different ways.

Our favourite option is capsule wardrobes that utilise the freedom that comes with minimalism, whilst allowing you to wear comfortable, stylish, long lasting ethical clothes. Buying rarely, but when you do, ethically made, natural fibres that match what you already own makes for a beautiful closet of earth friendly clothes.

But we understand that for some, clothes are an expression. Buying from op shops, selling or gifting onwards your clothes is an amazing way that sees that your clothes have a longer life. Making sure those op shop purchases, and clothes for sell on are not fast fashion, high street and polyester does a huge amount to protect our planet.

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