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January thoughts & 2024

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a restful festive break and like me, you are raring to go into 2024.

I know many people scramble to get down their Christmas decorations. In some parts I agree, we took down our tree (we have an artificial) and the bulkier items of the festivities around the 3rd January. However, I am leaving the lights and other winter celebratory items up around the house (instead of Christmas themed). January is pretty bleak and I have always found it really contrasting to go from cosy warm Christmas to the cold and suddenly open spaced January. Why do we need the contrast? Why can't we continue the warmth and cosy part of the season to celebrate and enjoy the winter too? It certainly makes January a little easier. So we’re keeping some decorations to celebrate winter and bring some joy. A very lovely friend of mine kept her tree last year as a beacon of joy last January, and I would too if ours were a real one. I am also slowly learning about Hygge and I hope it's a little bit of Hygge to have our lights and candles still!

In the coming year, I have a number of blogs planned, with the focus on being useful. I am writing a huge post on a topic that I have shied away from a little, but thought I’d share my very non expert thoughts on it. It’s becoming quite long, but I have been working on this myself for years so I want to share all the ins and outs, as my journey may help you too. The fact I’m not an expert I hope will help those a little lost too, to claim their own part. The others aspects I am developing, are based these are things I have really noticed missing from my own eco 'needs'. Again, the focus is on useful so fingers crossed these being of use in your eco life.

We are also currently gearing ourselves up for Fish Free February, which is really exciting. I approach the month as a time to learn more, to improve my understanding about the really complicated issue that is fishing. We have also learnt that we love eating more vegetables so this is fabulous timing. If you want to have a go, take the Fish Free February pledge here:

Don't forget, there are a treasure trove of blogs and articles to read, including a piece I love- Heirlooms.

I have also started a new part time role as Sustainability Officer, helping a small business build on what they’re already doing for people and planet. This is obviously a dream short term role that I am loving. We are working on biodiversity, energy, community and more, and I am getting my hands dirty which I adore.

Finally, I just want to say a really heartfelt thank you to those that continue to read this corner of the internet and those who are still finding us. I am so proud that without any recent advertising or promotion on my part, this website has continued to grow. Thank you so much, I absolutely love writing and it brings me so much joy that it's also being read.

My hope for you this month, is that in a quiet moment in the warmth you can have a hot drink, a biscuit or a slice of cake and enjoy winter for just a moment.

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