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the sustainable store


Important Info

The Sustainable Store has been created by the team at Making Roots. Over a four year period we have been researching, testing and also enjoying eco products. We have bought together products that we love, that you love and that are planet or people positive.

We have chosen products that we believe in, but also that represent a smaller market share. Supporting these smaller but brilliant businesses, many of which are female led, is important to us.

Our main job is conservation work. We work globally in specialized fields but also right here in The UK. All profits from the store will be used to continue our work. Currently we have a focus on school visits, to meet demand!

What do we mean by profit? Sustainability is everything to us. The three pillars of sustainability are economics, environment and social. So for The Sustainable Store to be sustainable we need to match all of these, including economics. We pay staff working on stock, sending, running markets and doing the accounts. Overheads include running this website, fees for markets, getting to markets, advertising (mostly organically on social media) to name just a few. Once our staff are paid, our overheads covered, we can utilize this profit!! Having a pot of profit is a hugely foreign concept to ecologists, and we want to utilize sustainable business for the environment!

If you want to support our conservation work, but don't need to make any purchases, get in contact with us, and we can see how we can collaborate.

Fundraising Products.

Every so often we run products that have a very special fundraiser. Please note that sometimes these fundraisers run for a short period and so make sure you check the product information if you want to support a fundraiser to make sure we are still running this! These fundraiser also run on specific products, so please ensure you have the correct product.


We are really passionate that when you make certain purchases, they should last you forever. As we work on a online basis, although we have never had a problem and hope that this continues,  sometimes these things happen.

We send parcels off as plastic free as humanly possible, packed safely and double checked. If you do receive your package and it has been damaged in the post, please take photographs as soon as possible of the packaging and items. Call us or email us as soon as possible. We will do everything in our power to correct the situation, and we apologies in advance if you receive your item in less than perfect condition. In most situations we can swap your item for a replacement.

Unfortunately we do not accept returns on items that have been used and simply you do not like. Please make sure you are sure of your purchase before ordering and that you are happy with the product when it arrives, before you use it.

We are human. We understand that it's frustrating asking for a refund if you're not 100% happy. We want you to be passionate and completely happy with your purchase so please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have queries. We will do everything we can to make you happy.

Contact us!

If you'd like more advice on how to use your products, or a general chit chat you can contact us a few ways:


Instagram: @making_roots_sustainability

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