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Sustainable Style

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What we wear and the clothes we own can have a huge environmental impact. Processing cloth requires huge man power, chemicals and natural resources such as water. This can negatively impact the environment, but also the people working produce clothes on poor wages.

Invest in The Basics

Being sustainable can be stylish. Investing in the basics will gives you a small but high quality wardrobe for all occasions.

Capsule wardrobes are a good way to describe the perfect clothing solution. By having a lot less, high quality, well fitting, neutrally coloured clothes that will last you a long time.

Op Shopping. Yes, charity shops have come back into fashion but for most people, charity shops is just a way of life. They offer an amazing way to buy preloved clothes, get an amazing bargain and give your money to charity. Its 100% win win.

Vintage shopping. A bit more “high end”  but still preloved. Vintage shops are for the super trendy, boutique or designer fashion. You won’t get a bargain, or necessarily for charity, but you will get beautiful clothes that will stand the tests of time. This is your opportunity to get really sturdy, fashionable wears for less than the price of new! 

Grandma’s Shirt. Fashion always does circuits. Borrow from your Grandparents or Parents.

Wearing Vintage is super on trend at the moment, but you really don't have to visit an expensive Vintage shop to be cool when you can borrow from your Nan.



Buying New

Buying brand new clothes is your last attempt at sustainable clothing.

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