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The Book List

Doing your own research and your own reading from world leading authors and researching is the single MOST important step in a truly sustainable holistic healthy life. 

Journal articles are your first stop for the cutting edge science. 

Next stop is the beautiful world of books.

If like me you adore books, you'll adore libraries- and they're your absolute life line for picking up and reading books on sustainability whilst being sustainable (and minimalist!)

So here is my own list of must read books!

Wild- Cheryl Strayed

You'd be right, if you were thinking that Wild isn't exactly a "sustainable bible". But, is it an utterly inspiring, empowering read that I thoroughly recommend. It does also have some pretty amazing minimalist lessons to be had.

The Omnivores Dilemma-

Michael Pollan 

A U.S. centric book, that brings up some very important ideas about food sustainability. A good introduction, but one that I struggled a bit with. I do recommend for readers not aware of some of the big environmental issues with food!

Confessions of an Eco Sinner- Fred Pearce

One of the most holistically thinking, well rounded and down to earth eco-books out there. Super mind opening, thought provoking and not straight forward, an absolute MUST read for those going into sustainability. Will give you a summary on why it's extremely important to think of a the whole picture.

Big Magic- Creative Living Beyond Fear

Elizabeth Gilbert 

Sustainable and eco-friendly living is certainly a creative life. If you're wanting some inspiration for taking the path less trodden and making your life how you want it- read this book. 

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