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OK, so we can't tell you THE future.

But we can divulge what we plan to be the future for Making Roots.

Firstly, Making Roots is not for profit. We currently run completely on volunteer steam power. But we want Making Roots to earn it's keep.

And not only earn it's own keep but to help support, initiate, promote and raise awareness for amazing conservation, sustainability and scientific work worldwide. 

We want Making Roots to continue to be 100% Not For Profit. We want to reinvest money back into the work of conservation, science and sustainability.

Our staff deserve to be paid a fair wage to research and report on the issues that are important to our planet and our lives. 

Conservationists are the people working on the front line, normally on low wages. We are grateful for their work and we think they deserve to be paid to teach us and connect us with their story. 

All money we earn through advertising, endorsements etc. will be reinvested ethically. 

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