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Capsuling life...

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Today I decided, to “capsule” myself. This inspiration for changing my life entirely, came from Pinterest. Madness… agreed.

However, this is a new idea that could not have come at a better time for me personally, in time for the fresh starts that New Year gifts to us and as I excitedly turn a new chapter in my life.

Capsule Wardrobe... perfect way to declutter and free space and money!

Firstly, this idea stems from the capsule wardrobe concept- in which you design a wardrobe that only has the essentials (normally around 37 things) of which all match and are high quality; therefore giving you thousands of different combinations of stylish timeless outfits. I love this- clothes that will last a long time, fit properly and give me back lots of time deciding what to wear, and in shopping. This is also far more sustainable option for me, I avoid single season fashion items anyway and would much rather clothing that looks great, I have to buy less of (leaving more money to be spent on quality and organic) and will go with everything else. It also takes up far less space, and makes it easier to leave in a compact area at home whilst travelling.

So great, I started compiling a list of essentials for a capsule wardrobe. But then, the idea spread…

I was standing in my room, in despair, and realised I had so much stuff I didn’t want, or need. “Things” that are cluttering my life, and my brain! So, it’s time to get rid of the items, I don’t use, or need. Roller skates I kept promising myself I would use, and look super stylish rolling about in (yes- I did think that.) Off to the charity shop. And with the rest of the similar items that are just no good to me anymore.

Then the idea of capsuling my diet, which is not as mad as it sounds. I’m going to cut down on foods that I eat that I don’t LOVE, such a chocolate. Cut down on picking, snacking and focus on the good quality, healthy, proper whole food. Yes, sounds obvious, but it was an awakening for me, so I’ll keep it.

But lastly, one that took a lot of reflection.

And gave me heartache.

I am going to rethink my attitude to the people in my life.

Sounds harsh, but it’s not. We all spend an enormous amount of time loving, caring, looking out for and thinking about people that, sadly, do not really care about us in the same way. And it’s surprising how much energy thinking about somebody takes. So, I am taking back that wasted energy, and I’m being selfish with it. I’m giving it to those who would do the same for me, who are just the most amazing, unselfish beautiful people.

( I am so, crazily grateful to have such people in my life. )

So basically, I’m stripping back everything and simplifying my life. Removing things that no longer nourish me in some way, giving myself more energy and time to the things that do. Quality, not quantity.

And it feels really, really good.


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