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Book Review: I Quit Sugar For Life by Sarah Wilson

Updated: Apr 5, 2020


Adapt to your own eating habits, and this book will become a bible of time saving, delicious, nutritious food that is sustainable. It’s also full of nifty busy women tricks to help plan your life.

(Today is a day for coffee, blogging, quotes (!!) and a spot of feel good cooking from “I Quit Sugar For Life” by Sarah Wilson. Whilst I’m on the topic of IQS, here’s a full book review for this amazing bible...)

Full Review:

It’s about healthy happy balanced eating, it’s about eating sustainably, it’s about lifestyle but it’s also so pretty to look at and feels really nice, (it’s all floppy and glossy and sooooo inspiring). I think everyone who actually wants to change their diet and lifestyle, should read this book. It’s not just a collection of recipes, it’s how to plan your life so that you can eat properly. Because, healthy eating shouldn’t feel like you are missing out, and it should be easy, quick food that you love to eat. (It shouldn’t be a juice diet for 3 weeks of January). Therefore I love her recipes and her ethos. The book is full of amazing tips, I think using a whole chicken (especially stock) for 15 meals is one of the biggest time savers, money savers and environment savers- so THANK YOU Sarah for making this idea so clear (she also has 3 recipes for lamb shank, 1 for the first time it’s cook and two more with the left overs.) This is how cooking and eating should be.

However, I don’t agree with everything that Sarah believes in. I personally would never follow a strict sugar free diet, at this point in my life. I don’t eat HUGE amounts of sugar anyhow, and I don’t believe in completely cutting anything from my diet. (With everything, as soon as I can’t have it - I really want it, so a bad lifestyle choice for me… working on it, but simply love fruit too). I also don’t fully condone regular red meat consumption, for environmental, health but also economical concerns (i.e. unsustainable for me) and only eat chicken and pork a few meals a week.

That honesty out with, I just think this book is a bible. Women in their 20’s especially but really, all, women should read this. Adapt things to your style, I switch red meat recipes for veggies, chicken or pork. This book should be like a cuddle, it’s shouldn’t be rigid brick that doesn’t fit you, it should be a warm snuggly squeeze that gets you eating healthy delicious food in the long term, that you’ll love and will save you money and be sustainable. Hurrah.

P.S. I also, just love how prominent Sarah herself is in the book, mostly because her clothes are beautiful - which is a hugely inspiring bonus of looking through a healthy eating guide…

oh and P.P.S. I really REALLY love the “How to stay well whilst travelling” bit.

(Thanks the healthy lifestyle gods.)

UPDATE: I actually bumped into Sarah in 2017. Read what happened HERE.


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