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The best thing you'll ever pack

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

This is a love story. Seasoned travellers understand my love, and they'll have a similar affair to brag about. My sarong.

A sarong is the most important essential item that I pack. A good quality cotton sarong, if you haven't already found out, will be the most useful item you own, especially if you're packing light.

Uses for a sarong whilst travelling include flight blanket, bed blanket, Sheet, beach mat, towel, headscarf, skirt, dress, top, cloth, wrapping paper, bag. "Smartening up" an outfit, bo-ho-ing an outfit.

Note: I have two sarongs in these photos. My first, bought from a village in Fiji, was stolen in a hostel in Sydney. Boo!

It's always best to buy local, and hitting up the local craft market is your best bet, but if you're keen before you head out, here's some insp on where to buy a sarong :

Tassel and Twine

By The Sea Company

The Third Row

Wherever you go, whatever you do, take a sarong! Whats your sarong love story? What else have you used yours for?


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