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Our 2018 so far.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

So far this year has been a great one for the team Making Roots. Busy with planning, organising and implementing some changes and new beginnings for our little website.

Lee and myself embarked on a trip to The Philippines in May. This has meant a huge amount of time and prep, to create a eco friendly pack! I also head back to The UK in June for a little while, to get some health complaints addressed, to spend some time with my family and for work!

We’ve been active on our social media and blog, touching on issues including veganism, travel, diving, health and conservation. We have also been networking, and honestly there is nothing I love more than seeing what amazing projects that everyone is busily working away on. Incredible projects, ideas and change makers make me so inspired.

We’ve been working with a website designer, Andrew Panton to develop the site so it’s easier to navigate. I have designed, and formatted the entirety of Making Roots myself over the course of 2.5 years- but my ideas don’t always work... Andrew is absolutely fabulous and incredibly talented, and knows little tricks and tips to create a whole new incredible space within minutes. So we’ve been picking his brains and to create a positive, light, welcoming & easy space. A page that hopefully inspires. I really recommend Andrew if you need help with web design, I have worked with website designs on previous projects that have been difficult to work with. Andrew is amazing and a real laugh too!

We’ve also had some incredible chats with Tessa... who together has helped develop some of the website and well as insightful discussions involving her passion with food systems and sustainability.

I have been working with Feast of Merit in Richmond Melbourne. An exciting project that aims to build on their already brilliant environmental practices. More to follow!

We also have spoken about inclusivity. This is a big issue- and one I wanted to raise. Making Roots is a space to inspire and connect. That’s means every person is welcome and we want to cater to all levels of “eco friendliness”. We have seen an elitism within some sections including waste free, to reduce or belittle others trying with best interests to do something good. We want to celebrate all tiny successes and movements in a good direction. Not everybody likes the eco world, or understands yet, and it’s not our job to judge or exclude. I strongly feel inclusivity and warmness and welcoming is the key to not only a better workplace for us but to make some change.

We are working with a team of talented creatives to add the backbone of research, understanding and tips to Making Roots. The website will continue to grow rapidly in the later half of this year.

After a long base in Melbourne, we are also now nomads again. The Philippines for now and then onto the UK and more. Keep up with the evolving base on instagram!


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