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Kitchen Cleanse

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

As we come into the run up to Christmas, now is the absolutely perfect time to do a kitchen cupboard cleanse. This involves taking stock of what you have, using up things reaching their use by, and restocking with only what you really NEED.

But now isn't the only time to do a cupboard cleanse. Doing a monthly cleanse is also a really great way to reduce food waste and save money.

Why should you do a Kitchen cleanse?

1) Work out what you already have in your cupboard. Instead of items festering in the back and eventually going out of date. Use it up. Figure out what spices and herbs you have, before you buy more.

2) Saves you buying more. Using up, reduces your stockpile, and hopefully you'll stock back up with less.

3) Work out what you actually use. A 4 year old jar of white wine pasta sauce thats gone unused? Don't buy it again. Purge and use up items that you don't think you'll use. Only restock with things you love.

4) Work out what you actually NEED in your regular food shop but especially important for your Christmas shop. It reduces the urge to overspend and overbuy.

How to kitchen cleanse.

- Get everything out of your pantry/ store cupboard.

- Check dates of everything and use your common sense if they are past the date. Can they still be used if they are a little past?

- Make a pile of items with a short shelf life, or that are already open, that you need to use up more quickly. Using up open ingredients is a good idea. Getting to the bottom of jars before refilling is also a great way to reduce food waste.

- Make a pile of items you do not want. Can they be gifted on?

- Make a list of everything as you put it back in. So you have your own stock list.

- Restock your cupboard with the items with longer shelf life at the back, shorter at the front.

From your lists you can work out meal plans, and also work out what you actually need to buy over Christmas. Overbuying at Christmas can lead to huge amounts of food waste, costing your wallet and the planet. Be smart and plan what you need.


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