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An Update on The Scam: The International Ecotourism Society.

A while ago I wrote about my bad experiences with The International Ecotourism Society (TIES). I wasn't sure if it was just my bad experience. I felt desperate and alone in my financial struggle.

Well, my last blog on TIES opened a can of worms.

Since this blog, I have been contacted by more people now who have similar experiences to myself.

I am honestly worried/ anxious/ scared talking about TIES in this manner. A journalist had their article uncovering problems with TIES stopped. I myself have been made to feel very nervous about talking about this organisation publicly. And that fact stinks but makes me nervous.

However, with more recent people coming forward having fallen into the scam- I am HOPING by speaking out I can prevent more people handing money over.

If you've had a bad experience with TIES and would like to have your story heard please contact: -

For now I really recommend :

  • BE EXTREMELY DILIGENT when signing up and paying for anything with TIES.

  • Read this by the Global Ecotourism Network which formed from the board for TIES which resigned in 2014....

If you've had a bad experience with TIES that is not just based on membership payments/ education, please get in contact also.

This blog and any previous blogs about TIES are reflective of my personal experience. Please do not share any contents of these blogs without express permission of Making Roots.


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