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Book Review: Meet The Frugalwoods

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Recently, after an art museum date with myself, I popped into a local charity shop to browse the books- something I regularly do encase a book I've been desperately wanting has been donated. This time in particular I hit book jackpot. Clearly somebody with similar book tastes to myself had just dropped books off, as there were at least 10 I really wanted to buy. I forced myself to put some back and ended up with seven! What a haul of books...

In this haul, was "Meet The Frugalwoods" by Elizabeth Willard Thames. I'd not heard of the author before, but the topic is one very close to my heart being a student!

I sat down a little before sunset on Saturday under the window in the lounge, on the beautiful chair I got for free (yes first win) deciding to read until it was dark. I particularly wanted to enjoy this sunset and sit in it's light, because we were due a change in where our weather was coming from- it would now be coming from the North. Cold festive weather!

I was reading close to the pages, struggling to read before I realised I've read half the book and it was long since sunset! I kicked on our floor lamp, that I realised we also got for free- another win and carried on reading. All the afternoons jobs were forgotten and I ended up reading Meet The Frugalwoods in 24 hours.

The fact I was glued to this book is a pretty good indication of how much I loved it. The topics resonated so much with me and also I felt proud that in our lives we are partly the way to frugal living- and I absolutely love aspects of this already, that we are aware and don't care about consumerism (mostly) and that we also crave simple living.

The book is written in a completely non judgemental stance, the author references her privileges a lot so you're not left with a bitter taste and she leaves you feeling stable and inspired in trying to make obtainable goals in your own financial life. They are normal people with the exact same life goals as us- so it's easy to see why I've finished this book feeling so inspired. I sat down with my diary and thought about the ways Elizabeth Willard Thames lists what they did, and I've written the ways we could further our frugal-ism. At the moment we're already fairly good but we could make some pretty small changes to get better. That is what has left me feeling most inspired, that I CAN make small changes that will make a difference- as she breaks down small costs and how they add up. How these small little mindless purchases in a consumer train take a little bit of control away from us- and take away from the life we'd rather be living.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about a number of things, not just inspiration with taking financial control (which by the way I think is a really admirable thing to write about), but eco-living, simple living, mindfulness and more. My only gripe about this book is I wish it was longer!

If you're looking for an easy read that will probably leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and eager to look at your bank accounts, this is the book for you. This is an ideal book to gift to someone uneasy in the trappings of their life.

I really hope another book is on the way by Elizabeth Willard Thames.

If you'd like to know more, Meet The Frugalwoods is a brilliant blog too.


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