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Buy Us A Coffee Launched

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

As I write this its about 28 degrees and I'm melting slightly, as are my tomato plants.

As many of you know for a long time we've been working out how to make Making Roots sustainable financially in an ethical way.

You may not even notice that our website is AD FREE. I have kept it this way to ensure it's easy to read, a safe space to learn without being bombarded with adverts and consumerism. However, this of course has a financial impact. The website & email alone cost about £300 per year. I've paid this most years privately myself (our store paid this last year hurrah- but won't be able to this year). All my writing is free (except one new ebook) and I have purposefully never done a paid blog post.

However to keep it sustainable and to ensure we can keep it ad free, we've been looking into how we can finance Making Roots.

Lots of you lovely lot ask how you can support us, how you can say thank you for the content we produce. Well, we're going to try "Buy Me A Coffee". This is a site that you can gift us the equivalent of a coffee to say "I appreciate you" "I love your work, thank you". We considered Patreon but didn't like the commitment that was needed from you guys. This is nice and easy going and simply and means lots to us!

So if you'd like to buy us a coffee, please find the link here and a HUGE thank you in advance!


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