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Christmas Message!

I can hardly believe it's December 23rd. In my mind I'm still planting my garden in March.

This year has been different for us all, and I think as a collective we're all exhausted?

My plans for this year didn't go to plan. In February I was getting booked up with workshops (I was actually worrying about fitting everything in), I had markets planned, my masters, a move to Scotland and so much more. Whilst we've done some of these things, whilst not quite as we imagined, I've certainly learnt a lot this year through the loss of plans. A bit more resilience, patience and a truer understanding of slow (although I do still struggle with that).

After all the disappointment and sadness of this year, with both professional and personal losses, this Christmas more than ever I am grateful. For food on the table and a warm bed.

Our Christmas message this year isn't very long. All I wish for you is to be safe, well and I sincerely hope you get a rest.

This Christmas will certainly be different, but I hope it's own unique way, it can be Merry.

Sending lots of love, to you all.


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