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Ecobrite Moisturising Body Bar Review

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Last month I was very kindly sent a new product by Ecobrite, a moisturising body bar. I use Ecobrite as a supplier for our store and love their products, so it’s a great opportunity to do a review! The couple behind Ecobrite are absolutely lovely too, so I’m super happy to test out this epic little bar!

Why choose a solid bar?

So before we get into the bar itself, I thought I’d give a little background about why I think solid moisturising bars (and solid bars in general) are so great.

  • Less transport emissions, as liquid products are heavier and bulkier to transport. Solid bars are compact ! This includes transporting to you and in your handbag!

  • Much easier to get plastic free. The Ecobrite bar came without any plastic at all, just a wax paper wrap and a paper sticker.

  • Last for absolutely ages. I have had this bar for a week and have barely dented it. Those who regularly use solid bars of soap etc will testify for the longevity of products.

  • Bars TEND to be more cost effective. Due to their longevity!

First Impressions:

Honest first impressions. I genuinely do love it.

It is handy, its super moisturising (especially important right now amongst Covid-19 constant hand washing) and smells loooovely.

Smell: I LOVE the smell of lemongrass, and so the smell of this bar is a winner for me. It's light, fragrant and clean. I am sensitive to scent, I don't really enjoy heavy fragrance, but I think this a perfect balance for those who enjoy scented products and those who don't.


The bar is solid, and so like will all bar it’s requires a little warm up. Rub the bar in your hands and the oils will melt beautifully. You can also rub directly onto your body, on legs is especially easy. Like solid deodorant, I find you get the best result when applied just after the shower when you're most warm! One small thing that think would benefit ease of use, would be if the bar was round.

For those not used to using solid products, you may feel like you need to get used to working it into your skin. Again, I really recommend using after a shower but bare with, as adjusting to solid products really doesn't take long and is sooo worth it once you do.

Cost effectiveness?

Like I mentioned above, solid bars tend to be cost effective.

The Ecobrite bar costs £7.49 at the moment. Considering the bar will last for yonks (and cheaper than lush) I really do think it's cost effective.

Overall Impressions:

So I've been using the bar for a while now and can safely give it 4 stars. It would be better if it was round for ease of use but the feel, the smell, the plastic free ethical qualities mean I would 100% purchase for myself and can recommend!

Thank you Ecobrite for gifting me a bar of moisturising lotion (especially in the circumstances!) You can find the bar I tried here.


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