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If we closed the gender gap, we’d have an additional $28 TRILLION GDP in 2025.

This is equivalent to the US and China economies combined. This is according to the World Bank.

Money talks.

But it’s not just about money. It’s about fairness, equity and hearing from more voices 🗣 to create a balanced world.

A limiting factor to female growth, is “forcing” women to care about what they look like. What they weigh etc. It’s a distraction tactic.

I got told a while back that I wasn’t a very good scientist because I wore this t-shirt like a “slut” because it was off my shoulder.

I know my worth, and the validity of my voice is not diminished by somebody else’s opinion on my clothing. But this is not fair and I would hate for others to receive this treatment too.

Everybody has the right to stand proud and firm in our professionalism and our personality.

What you wear, who you love etc etc, do not equate to any sort of professional validity. They are a useless distraction and if somebody is trying to put you down, it probably means they’re threatened. But I for one am totally done letting it get in the way.


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