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Enjoy the Long Weekend

Over the past week we’ve provided an article every day, just in time for some reading over the long weekend. Head to the blog and you’ll see the week of content waiting for you.

What are you doing over the long weekend? I have avoided Easter phrasing because I don’t really celebrate the religious side of the weekend, it really is more of a long weekend. Easter is engrained in my year, along with hot cross buns, easter eggs and lamb roast on Easter Monday. But this year, I have thought of things a little differently. I don’t really love chocolate or hot cross buns and so I’ve decided to set my own routine and set of traditions for this time of year. Namely gardening, books and baking. I delivered freshly made cinnamon twirls to my family this morning and now I’ve planned a whole weekend of baking and gardening- along with a TV ban to allow me outside as much as possible

Treading my own path and making my own roots 😝 I think will often come with these little realisations that I can do my own thing and not following the crowd is awesome.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, however you celebrate!


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