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Glass, Steel or Paper. Straw Alternatives compared

Plastic Straws are so last year.

Saying no to plastic straws is a really easy way to reduce your impact and save a lot of plastic from our oceans.

But if like me, you do still enjoy sipping your cocktail or smoothie from a straw- there are some fantastic, cheap alternatives.

There are three easy to get plastic straw alternatives.

Glass, Stainless Steel and Paper.



- Super easy to clean - Looks most aesthetically pleasing

- Really lovely to use, can buy large sizes for smoothies etc

- My favourite

Cons: - Made of glass, could break (although I've never had a breakage) and are normally made from strong pyrex glass

- Not the best option with children

- Not as practical travelling

Stainless Steel


- Strong, sturdy

- Really nice to use, can buy larger sizes for smoothies etc.

- Super handy for putting in your bag! Cons:

- Hard to see if it's clean inside!!




- They are super light (perfect for travel)

- Require no cleaning


- Single use, requires paper!

- Can go soggy, least favourite to use

- Although lightweight which is perfect for travelling, you need to take a lot i.e. not really sustainable.

You will also find some great alternatives around on your travels. One of those will probably be bamboo straw. These are absolutely great in tropical locations where bamboo is sustainably harvested. However bamboo straws aren't great for reuse, due to sanitary reasons. They aren't readily available in most locations- and its a good idea to bring your own.

The Verdict: Glass and Steel are the best options. Glass is my favourite and the nicest to use if you look after it, whilst steel is heaps more practical- just make sure it's clean.


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