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Meeting Sarah Wilson

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Last week I met a hero. Mid way through an absolutely awful morning at work, I walked over to serve a table, and immediately was taken aback by who was at a table…. Sarah Wilson. Let me just say, that Sarah is genuinely a huge huge huge HUGE inspiration to me. She’s been an inspiration to how I set up this website. I love her writing and how she brings issues across to an audience that perhaps wouldn't normally be interested in the subject that she's writing about. And thats what I want to do. Bring complicated issues across in an interesting and easy way. When I moved to Melbourne a few months ago, I went to the library and checked out her I Quit Sugar book- as I have all the books at home in the UK but I needed to look over the style to keep me inspired.

So, you can understand that against my professionalism- I completely fan girled out. We get heaps of Aussie celebs in the restaurant and honestly, apart from not knowing who they are they- aren't treated any differently by me! But… I “fan girled". I got flustered and threw questions at her. And let me say, she is the most lovely lady ever. A polite customer, and an interesting wonderful human that look time out of her day, to be incredibly gracious to me (normally you know a celeb- as they let you know with boisterous manners…) Let me tell you, even my colleagues that didn't recognise Sarah, all asked who the absolutely lovely lady was on table 36.

So although I am horrendously embarrassed with how I reacted to the situation, and I feel terrible for Sarah who had her personal space interrupted, I’m actually really proud that someone I look up to is not just an amazing, incredibly strong intellectual women despite her personal struggles, in person, is the person that is nice to the waitress- and that is seriously important. She even obliged whilst I talked to her about tomatoes!

There is always a risk that when you meet a hero, they disappoint. Sarah Wilson is even more of an inspiration to me today. And there is a serious point I want to raise here. SO many young girls today idolise a genre of celebs that don't mean anything. Kim Kardashian’s. And it makes me so sad- girls are missing out on looking up to amazing, talented, intelligent women who are changing the world. Working with YGAP I see women that are strong and clever every day- they are the women we should idolise.

So after meeting Sarah I am so relieved, so happy to say that she is more than ever my hero! I hope more girls can look at women just like Sarah Wilson and be motivated to follow her lead and be strong, intelligent, healthy happy women that want to be courageous and leaders in their fields. I have been putting in long hours between work and research for my blog, with the website going fully licensed just the night before I met her. So, from a very tired, burnt out blogger working as a waitress for now with no time for fitness or fun, Thank you Sarah Wilson for making a huge fan more inspired that ever to keep writing about what I love and pushing forward! I hope one day I can be as well accomplished (if only!) whilst maintaining such down to earth attitude whilst I have a waitress in my face asking me questions whilst just trying to have a coffee!

P.S. I actually wrote a review for I Quit Sugar as my second ever blog piece! Find the little beauty HERE!


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