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My Bambaw Safety Razor

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

One of the items I use as part of my waste reduction tool kit is the item most people seem a little scared of- the safety razor.

About 12 months ago I made the switch to a safety razor. Up until this point I had been using a plastic reusable razor with interchangeable heads. This is a reasonable option, using less plastic than the standard disposable razor. However, although this is reducing my plastic use, it's not as much as I would like, but mostly, it's really expensive. And so enroute to reducing our waste, when I used up the last of the replaceable heads, I bought a Bambaw razor. 3 replaceable heads for my old razor were the same price as the whole new Bambaw razor. Makes a lot of long term sense. The razor is very aethetically pleasing, which of course helps. It’s steel and bamboo. 100 replaceable metal blades were about £9.

I read a lot of horror stories on safety razors before I bought it. Of slicing, cutting, nicking. But honestly, I have had normal razor problems whilst using my bambaw razor. I have had minor nicks, when going over an old graze but this is no different to using a normal razor for me.

The whole razor is a lot heavier, and I have gotten more mindful when I shave- by mindful I make sure I have properly soaped and softened my legs first, I am slower. Especially slower over curved areas- like my knees as the razor has very little give/ movement. I am careful where I store the razor- it’s heavy, if it drops from height it could damage your shower or break.

The shave with the bambaw razor is literally just the same as a plastic razor. Smooth. Zero compromise on silky smooth legs.

I change my razor blades probably every month. But this varies WIDELY between different people, and of course on how much you shave. Changing the blade is pretty easy, although I really recommend again, being extremely careful. Blades are also very cheap, I won’t be worrying about razor blade purchasing for many years...

Which brings me back to price. All in my bambaw razor and blades cost me under £30= and I have enough blades for... eternity? This would have been about a year of plastic replaceable heads. Thats all. Now I’m quite literally probably sorted for life.

It’s important to keep your safety razor clean, this is to ensure it lasts for as long as possible! Clean out hairs, suds, general grime. Keep it dry and clean between washes. I like to keep mine on top on a loofah in the shower, so it doesn’t sit in water. I am really pleased I made the swap to a safety razor when I did. If you’ve got disposable razors you want to use up first, do that!! A safety razor might seem like a hefty investment, but over time it certainly pays off.

I really love my bambaw razor. It’s why I stock it in the store- because I’ve tried, tested and loved it! If you would like to know more about safety razors, if you have any concerns, drop us a comment below! You can also watch my YouTube video where I show you how I change my blades.


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