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People4Ocean Sunscreen Review.

As we head into British Summer we decided to review one of our all time favourite ethical, environmentally friendly products- People4Ocean.

Conventional sunscreen contains oxybenzone, which can be deadly to marine ecosystems. Many countries are banning the use of oxybenzone sunscreens, which is being welcomed by ecologists and marine biologists.

Consequently there is an increasing demand for natural sunscreens. And one that we think is particularly special, is People4Ocean which has been developed by marine biologists and a luxury skincare company, LaGaia.

My opinion: Star rating- 5 Stars.

Firstly, People4Ocean has an amazing, natural, fresh uni-sex scent. We both had comments on the lovely smell after using the sunscreen.

The first thing I noticed with People4Ocean sunscreen, is that it's thicker than other sunscreens. If you are used to lightweight sunscreens this might take a little getting used to. However, it's totally worth it. I found that "warming up" the sunscreen in my hands helps a lot- before applying elsewhere, as well as the recommended bottle shake and squeeze. Once on, it's luxurious and moisturising. It doesn't feel sticky or claustrophic (who else feels this with super heavy moisturiser?) and my skin also looks really nice- no heavy white streaks as with the traditional sunscreens.

Importantly, did I burn using People 4 Ocean?

I didn't burn once using People 4 Ocean sunscreen. Neither did Lee and we used P4O throughout out 6 months working outdoors in the harsh sun of The Philippines, and with our trips back to Lee's parents to Sydney. I used it whilst snorkelling and playing in the water around the boat in The Philippines, in and out of the scorching tropical sun, from 7am to 4pm over 6 months. Walking to the market, sitting having a smoothie at the beach. Walking around the hot and dirty cities. I would generally top up at about midday if I'd be in the water, recommended with all sunscreens. And I did not burn. Once. I developed a natural tan but no burning. Hurray. I have seen many reviews for other brands of natural reef friendly sunscreens mention that the sunscreen did not do it's job, and the user still got burnt. This is not People4Ocean, and if you'd have bad experiences with natural sunscreen I really recommend P4O- as it has been developed alongside a very respected luxury skincare brand, and that really shows.

But just because you don't burn doesn't mean you won't LOVE the aftersun. It's super lightweight, fresh and the absolutely perfect moisturiser after a cold shower on a hot holiday- before heading to cocktails on the beach. It's refreshing, cooling, smells incredible and is environmentally sensitive. I have been using the aftersun ALOT over the past year as general moisturiser too, not just after the sun. Because it's so lightweight it makes the perfect refresher for my skin. I've also heard it's a good hair gel!

If you're conscious about what you're putting on your skin and consequently in the environment, then I really recommend People 4 Ocean. If you want a luxurious, rich sunscreen- this product is good enough to stand out on it's own without it's eco-credentials (although, those are bloody good too).

You can buy both the sunscreen and the light, incredible after sun at the People 4 Ocean here:

We have no sponsorship deals or affiliate marketing links with People4Ocean. In 2018 they gave us two products to try, and because we are in no way linked to them we had the privilege of honestly reviewing them. And so our opinions here are completely unbias and 100% our own. I even published this without sending an edit to their team first. I truly believe that People4Ocean is an incredible product- that is enabling some first class marine conservation.


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