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Reviewing Truthpaste.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

A few weeks ago the lovely people at "Truthpaste" sent us a couple of their natural, plastic free toothpaste to test out! I have been wanting to try Truthpaste for a long time, after trying a number of natural but not plastic free toothpastes over the past year. I am very grateful to receive these samples to try- but the review is still completely independent and honest! Enjoy.

Transitioning into a natural toothpaste can sometimes take some getting used to. But Truthpaste is a totally different story. Using Truthpaste is a AMAZING toothpaste that unlike any other natural toothpaste that I've ever tried, that I actually prefer over "traditional" toothpastes!

Truthpaste is completely plastic free, and it comes in a glass jar with paper labels. It comes in two sizes, we're testing out the smaller at the moment. I've been using the fennel flavour for about 2 weeks now and I've barely made a dent! I reckon the smaller will last at least 8 weeks, with just me using it.

So, with some natural toothpastes, I have found they are a bit, mediocre. My teeth don't 100% clean and fresh. But Truthpaste is a totally different experience. If you're new to natural toothpaste I really recommend Truthpaste. My teeth feel clean, fresh, polished. I actually genuinely prefer the clean feel from Truthpaste over conventional toothpaste. Something that I have never experienced with natural toothpaste so far. The fennel flavour sounds unusual but is really super cleansing and leaves my mouth deodorised for a few hours!

The only downside for me, to Truthpaste is the lack of Fluoride. My dentist is totally happy with me using natural toothpastes, however asked me to use Fluoride every couple of days. So I will add in a few cleans with my traditional paste (luckily our council recycles the tubes!)

So if you're looking for a plastic free smile, look no further than the indepenant ethical company, Truthpaste!


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