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Rewilding Sussex

In 2014 I was part of a team that started Rewilding Sussex.

We hope Rewilding Sussex, as a community organisation will engage, education and do some powerful nature based work in Sussex.

So what IS Rewilding?

The definition of rewilding is subjective. To some, rewilding may be a purely individualist process- getting your feet muddy and reconnecting to the natural environment. I personally think this process IS very important.

However from now on my definition goes roughly as follows, Rewilding is the restoration and regeneration of ecosystems, communities and improving resilience.

When starting Rewilding Sussex, it was a particularly niche subject. In a short time later it's becoming more mainstream and I'm really excited to see how far Rewilding can go (and Rewilding Sussex too). I am also excited to see how Rewilding can not only address environmental problems but social too.

I'll be writing much more on Rewilding, but for now here's some recommendations for reading:

  • Feral by George Monbiot

  • Rewild Miles Olson

  • Rewilding European Landscapes by Henrique M. Pereira & Laetitia M. Navarro.


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