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Should we make newspaper bricks for burning?

I’m really interested in your thoughts on a project I’m considering over the summer in prep for winter.

My parents used to press used wet newspapers into bricks to burn on their fire. I was planning on doing this over the next few months to stock up for our own wood burner- as my Mum has a B&B with a sh*t ton of newspapers normally coming through and into the recycling bins.

However, I am concerned about a few things:

1) Is the ink safe? If I soak the newspapers for swishing and pressing will it be safe for me? Will the ink water afterwards be safe to dump down the drain or in the field? Will they be safe for burning?

2) Is the actually the most eco friendly alternative? Will I use more water and time resources in getting these ready to burn- than would have if they’d be recycled? Will they ACTUALLY be recycled anyway? Is burning a better use?

In previous years the bricks have gone stinky and mouldy if not one million % stone dry (meaning many days outside in the hot sun- good luck in England!) so is this process actually worth it? The whole process of making about 15 bricks occurs over about two days of soaking, pressing and then two weeks of drying. In comparison, our logs come from local tree surgeons- essentially wasted wood stock. Of course the wood takes time to cut and bring in- but it wouldn't be used for anything else. The newspaper could be recycled. But we already have all the equipment for the pressing process.

If anybody knows anything about this process, the inks in newspaper production etc I would be really really appreciative to hear more.


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