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Some Snippets From The Garden

Some photos from a lazy calm morning in my garden.

Broccoli seedlings in the terracotta pot getting acclimatised. I'll plant these soon for autumn/ winter crop. We've put together two new "beds" from old plastic trays, decorated with off cuts of scrap wood from around the farm! I like the "shabby chic" look, it feels homely.. On the right two courgette plants that haven't enjoyed being planted. For the first time I've had to put down organic, eco slug repellent and they were getting smashed by slug munching. I've never put anything down before, as I'm usually happy to share some.

I'm also testing using old kombucha bottles with little holes in the lid and filled with water as a home made irrigator. It seems to work for a day!

I love ferns and their habitat. We've been given a huge fern that somebody had dug out of their garden and didn't want. So we have a cold quiet little patch in the garden now, and I love it. Here's a beautiful dragonfly enjoying our new shady spot.

The BBQ bed. This year I have experimented with using an old metal charcoal BBQ for growing. I wasn't at all sure, but gave it a go. The radishes and rocket have done absolutely incredibly, much better than the vegetable bed. The basil grew very very slowly and actually this morning succumbed to a surprise frost. Which is a shame, because one of the benefits when frosts were regular is that I could shut the bbq with seedlings inside to protect from the cold. It also stays warmer, something that I think has led to such great growing. I am a little concerned about over heating in summer, but we'll see.

I have planted a strawberry plant in an old toilet cistern. It's loving the exposed location and has sprouted some blossoms and fruit. The variety is Marshmellow, sought for a long time, since we ate it from the PYO farm that is our neighbour! My brother researched for months and finally found the variety. Delicious.

Final little snippet. This concrete pot with lavender, carnation and pansies was on the farm and has ended up in our garden. You might have noticed that I don't really grow flowers. I prefer growing vegetables, but this has found its way to us. Carnations were my Dad's favourite.


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