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Travel Questions That I Get Asked A lot

Where is my favourite place I have travelled to so far?

- I have no one top favourite, as I loved different things about different places. Fiji was unbelievably stunning, it was lush and green, the sea was transparent and the best snorkelling in the world, the food was completely new to me and delicious (cross between Indian & Chinese) and the people are just so lovely and relaxed. Then Bali, which might JUST trump Fiji, but I loved Bali for Ubud really, as it’s healthy, happy and a hugely positive place for me to be. Then of course, Lang Tengah, which meant most to in 2014 as an absolute paradise for my career and my soul. 

How do I afford to travel?

When I’m at home, I work as much as possible. In the summer I was working 3 small jobs at once. I save every last penny whilst in the UK, I don’t eat out much- a modest meal in London is at least a days travel budget in Bali for example. I book flights on the cheapest days, I shop around for EVERYTHING, I book hostels, or cheap hotels. I eat a vegetarian diet mostly when travelling (the savings add up). I volunteer, I intern (LTTW), I stay at friends and family homes- lucky me. 

Basically I don’t “holiday” when travelling. When in expensive countries, I stay in hostels and cook my own vegetarian meals (Iceland and New Zealand for example) but will treat myself to local food occasionally, as the food is often the most important part of travelling. I don’t do the tourist tours, as these are often expensive and you can do it by yourself (city tours etc). I also saved before I went away, and spent time living from those savings. That is obviously not sustainable. I am currently at home working and trying to find a way to fullfill travel dreams whilst doing conservation work I'm so desperate to do!

Do you get lonely travelling alone?

I have a piece on solo travelling and the pros and cons here. But on the whole, no I don’t get lonely. Most of the time you will always find someone new to talk to and travel with anyway. But sometimes, yes, when on planes mostly.

What’s the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you whilst travelling?

Probably my sky dive and interacting with an overly inquisitive reef shark.

What is the worst thing that has happened to me whilst travelling?

When travelling small hiccups happen all the time, and hurrah, the more this happened the better you deal, which is a great life skill! However the worst thing that has happened to me whilst travelling is probably breaking up with someone. It sucked, but it did really give me time to realise how lucky I am to have such lovely family and friends. It was also a good lesson in having to carry on through adversity.

Where next?

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” is the shortest answer. Long answer- more of Europe (it’s on my doorstep after all), more of Asia- all of it, India, Mynamar, more of Australia are the short term goals. Then I would love to go to North America more extensively, and ultimately South America. I keep getting asked about Africa.. I just have never felt the urge to go. Maybe one day I will, but right now it’s bottom of the list! 

Do you ever get bored of travelling?

So far, long term, my thirst for travel hasn't been quenched. I do sometimes get a bit fed up on carrying my bag and with a lack of routine. But then as soon as I get home, it's normally about 3 months before I get serious itchy feet. I also am getting increasingly fed up of flying. But being in a new place is always worth it eventually. 


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