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Trialing Oddbox

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I am willing to try lots of different ways to reduce waste and impact of our food systems, especially because a lot of the time if it involves food it's tasty.

This time I decided to give Oddbox a go- because they're finally delivering to my area and I also had spotted a 50% code.

Oddbox is a fruit and vegetable delivery service that uses produce that would otherwise have gone to waste or been rejected. You can choose some items that you don't eat but otherwise you get a seasonal selection of whatever they have access to. I had to order a little while in advance and provide some details for the delivery. I ordered a medium veg box and I was given a slot between 7pm and 7am.

We received our box at about 8pm. I was really really impressed with the contents and was instantly inspired by all the things we could cook- I absolutely love vegetables so that helps! The selection is largely seasonal, so you get a selection that you are craving, in our case we got celeriac, kale (my favourite), sweetheart cabbage, spinach, cos lettuces, heritage-esque carrots and potatoes. We cooked an epic Hairy Bikers vegetable bake with the Celeriac as the main star- it was delicious.

I loved our selection in this box and it was so handy having the box delivered to our door. The selection of veg was a lot for two people so I would probably prefer a delivery every two weeks. But it's really easy to change and manage the deliveries on the website- much easier than other subscription services I have used that trap you in.

I'm usually on a pretty serious student budget and found the 50% code was insanely good value. The full price is still good value and handy being delivered included in the price. We will definitely get an Oddbox again and I'll look forward to it too... (Does being excited for a vegetable box delivery make me old?)

If you get an Oddbox too let me know how you get on!


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