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Why Are Greetings Card "Single Use"? Making Card Trains Trendy.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I was unpacking an order of Lee's photographs that we have printed into cards a few weeks ago. They are truly so so beautiful. It made me a little sad thinking that the stunning cards that have taken a lot of work to get (!) printed on FSC card would only be used once.

Why!?! Why should these BEAUTIFUL cards be used once?!?

A few years ago, we received a Christmas card that was reused. Inside, the original message was crossed out, and it read "Life is rough and things is hard, please accept this used Christmas Card".

Our family *loved* it. It is rubbish when Christmas finishes, putting a pile of cards away in the cupboard only to be found a few years later and drawing in a ton on anxiety over what to do with those greetings cards! When my late Grandparents passed away, we found so many lovely cards, but used once from people we didn't know- there were now, sadly, essentially worthless.

What a waste. Especially considering most are plastic wrapped.

But why?! Why can't we reuse greetings cards? Apart from waste, I actually love this idea!! Imagine using one card for your and your best friends birthday. Each year you work your way across the card's surface writing a small message relevant to that birthday. You send it to them for their birthday, they save it and send it back to you. You start a card train!

Once the card is full, you have a really special card that could save 20+ cards, much less storage space, MUCH less cost and so much less waste.

If you would like to start a card chain for with your Mum, bestie or partner, we'd love to get you started. cardchain25 will get you 25% off Lee's photo cards in our store!


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