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We offer a range of ethical services from seasonal ecological work to zero waste parties. If you want more information on any of the services we offer, email



If you're throwing a shindig you want to enjoy it properly without worrying about it's impact, we offer a free 15 minute consultation over the phone to start with to get a feel for your event and you and whether we think we'll be a good fit. 

If we both agree we'd work well together, we can offer a number of a different routes to help. Included in this might be working with you to find alternative gifting ideas, sustainable menus and more.


The start of your lives is an exciting & beautiful time. 

Many couples are increasingly concerned about the impact their incredible day might have the on the planet. 

You may also want to celebrate with loved ones in a way that reduces plastic use, has a lasting impact for good or simply reduces your weddings carbon footprint.

We offer sit down services with you and or your wedding planner to discuss your ethical wedding.

We offer a free 15 minute consultation over the phone to start with to get a feel for your event and you, and whether we think we'll be a good fit. We can work on a few different scales, from simply advising & giving you some tips, conservation projects to support and more, to attending your event and making sure the recycling is sorted!

I can also help to support you in sourcing ethical items for your wedding.


Are you holding an eco event and would like guest speakers?

We offer a range of talks, from general eco living, to conservation or marine life. Molly and Lee are both comfortable and engaging public speakers.


If you're worried about the planet, and want to engage your team in a positive, exciting way to reduce your impact in the  workplace and beyond, we can help!

We host lively, fun and engaging talks for businesses & employees wanting to know more about how to reduce their plastic, their carbon or make their office space a little greener.

Please get in touch for more information.


We do freelance writing for science and eco living articles. Specialities includes Rewilding, plastic free and conservation.


I love running workshops. If you have a cafe or space that you would like to utilise for a workshop on plastic free living, ethical eating, ethical travel, sustainable fashion or more, we can run a workshop. I can also bring along plastic free items, either hand made or from ethical companies for purchase. 


We currently offer seasonal assistant ecology consultancy between April and October. This is on a freelance basis at entry level, please contact below for more information. 

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