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A Quick Word on Eco Lovers

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

We are accepting everyone!

Beef eaters, car drivers, cigarette smokers, single use coffee cup sipping, serial fashionistas, plastic lovers, car racing lovers, EVERYONE, we love you and accept you in the imperfections we all have.

Sustainability, waste free, plastic free, eco conscious, holistic ethical lifestyles are absolutely great, take it from us. But living these committed environmentally friendly lifestyles are not for everyone. We want to help, encourage, inspire and include everyone to do something, be it tiny to huge to help the planet.

Inclusivity is so so important, as we think positivity and getting lots of people to do something small is much healthier than extremism, and getting a tiny minority to do a lot (even though that way is super rewarding!)

We hope that by being super open, flexible and welcoming to those of you that don’t have time or don’t have the resources to do the whole shabam, we inspire and educate you to do what you can!


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