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Festive Gift Guide

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

As we approach the holiday period, we've been getting lots of questions about gifting! So here is a little inspiration from the store for some ethical, plastic free gift ideas...

The full list can be found here: and don't forget our regular plastic free items are great gifts for those passionate about planet saving!

The perfect swap for beginners in their plastic free journey, Strawberry Moon shampoo and conditioner bars are so easy to use and smell incredible. Perfect stocking filler!

The perfect gift for those who work outside and get split dry hands or those that cleanse with oils or just those who want a beautifully lightly scented natural balm on hand. These balms are long lasting and unisex scents.

One of our most popular products, for a reason. Reusable hemp cleansing pads are perfect for the make up fan in your life, as well as those who adore caring for their skin. Hemp is less water intensive than cotton to produce and their reusable nature means their environmental credentials are brilliant- handy for those people in your life trying to reduce their waste. An investment that is a perfect gift. The packaging is also beautiful.

Handcrafted, using reclaimed wood, these tree ornaments or even present decorations are a thoughtful addition to your gifts.

Turtle Bags I stocked Turtle Bags after receiving one myself last year for Christmas! They are an epic stocking filler or gift that can be used all year! We have a range of colour ideal for all!

So there we have it, a very small bit of inspiration for your gifting this year! For more advice or tips on gifting, drop us an email!


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