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Prince Charles, Waitrose and Plastic; News

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

A while ago, when on a trip back to England, I wrote to High Royal Highness, Prince Charles. I wrote a real letter, on paper.

It was in regards to the non recyclable plastics found on most of the “Duchy” range in Waitrose. Being a sustainable and environmental brand, I thought it was a good idea to write to him direct to see what the plans were to address their packaging. I got a beautiful response from his team. Duchy was actually owned by Waitrose. So I wrote to them. And they responded (twice?) that they were making plans. Standard. They were making changes at a faster rate than other supermarkets, I was pleased, but nothing to really write about. However, news came out recently that Waitrose are making big steps. “Tor Harris, head of corporate social responsibility, health and agriculture for Waitrose, said: "The removal of these bags will change the way our customers, many of whom have been asking us to do this, shop with us in the future””- from Sky News. Writing, asking and campaigning for shops, businesses you love, to reduce plastic, works. Waitrose are taking HUGE steps, before any regulations are forcing them to, to reduce plastic. We can make a difference. Who can you write to, to make a change?

By the way, this whole project was made possible by my Mum. She lovingly, and patiently printed and posted all correspondence that I wrote, after I left The UK.


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