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Product Review: Solid Perfume by Aromystik

I have been so excited to write this review, as I cannot wait to share this product.

I have written a solid perfume review before, but hadn't yet been sold on the idea of solid scents. However in the summer my best friend bought me the Aromystik solid perfume in shanti sandalo, back from her holiday in Ibiza.

The little aluminium tin comes in the cutest little drawstring bag, something I did not think it would need but is brilliant for keeping the tin safe in my handbag and feels luxurious. The lid has a trippy pattern on, I am sold on the cute packaging already.

The scent is truly, unreal. I absolutely adore it, it's the kind of perfume you can't help but keep on sniffing! For me, there is definitely something nostalgic about the smell, perhaps one of my early teachers wore something similar. But it's warm and strangely, feels personal.

The solid nature of the perfume is such a win all round for me. I can chuck it in my handbag, where it weighs very little, ready for a quick top up. No worries about accidental spills of expensive perfume, very handy if you travel a lot (including flights if thats your thing). Obviously this particular perfume has a few air miles attached, being a gift from Ibiza. However, fingers crossed it's low weight (through lack of liquids) makes this a little less over the course of its life, especially as I continue to carry it around.

I have been using this product now for about 2 months and it hardly looks like the product has been touched, being a solid perfume it's very dense. The best thing though, above the scent itself and my love of it being a solid perfume, is how long the perfume lasts when on. This has been a worry of mine, after testing out other solid perfumes, but let me tell you, this perfume lasts. A few hours later, I will get a lovely 'wif' of perfume. According to Aromystik themselves, this scent longevity is due to less evaporation and because they press the ingredients in their purest state.

This product is truly magic, I love it!

This blog post is not in any way sponsored by any brand , it's an honest genuine review as a user of this product. I was given it as a present from my best friend who paid full price to this fantastic small business in Ibiza.


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