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Product Review: Solid Perfume by The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co

Since we came up to Edinburgh, I have always loved going in The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co in the centre of town. Loving natural, plastic free and locally made beauty and home products, means that The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co is a toy shop.

The solid perfumes have been something I gravitated towards in their shop. I love perfume however fragrance can contain a lot of unknown ingredients with unknown health and environmental impacts- "Synthetic musk compounds are persistent in the environment and contaminate waterways and aquatic wildlife." I have always been very aware of the impact of fragrance on others as strong perfumes trigger headaches or migraines for my Mum. So whilst using up old perfumes I have been intrigued by the alternatives.

I ordered this perfume at the start of December, when The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co had a prechristmas sale. It was an item on my list for a long time so I went for it, alongside Christmas gifts. This order didn't go quite to plan. I only received some of my order, the item missing was a key gift item that I didn't have the time to replace. When I asked where the missing item was, I was simply funded. I am a bit frustrated by this, seeing recent reviews it seemed like others had a similar experience. However, prechristmas was a time of much uncertainty for many brands, perhaps this contributed. Worth baring in mind in you're putting an order in online.

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co Perfume is vegan, solid natural perfume. The case it's in is really cute, with "100% biodegradable packaging" on the side, the packaging is from Sulapac.

I love everything about the concept of this product. The packaging is solid and secure, not always a given with plastic free products. This means I can throw the perfume into my handbag and not risk fluff ending up it in, it getting scratching/ popping- common with cardboard products, or really heavy glass containers. It's really easy and practical to use, the container is wide lipped so it's easy to get product out. The fragrance is natural, strongly rose scented, but this is not the rose scent from soaps, but a fresh and crisp scent.

In the pot, in it's solid concentrated form, the smell is divine. I find myself pulling it out regularly just to smell it and enjoy it. Unfortunately, the perfume doesn't really last long once it's applied. And thats a real shame for this product, as without any lasting fragrance, it doesn't really work as a perfume. I have tried putting more product on, trying applying it to different places, tried asking Lee if he can smell it encase I have simply become nose blind to the smell. He can smell it still after 15 mins but it's faint and he's has to give my neck a good sniff! Beyond that, no smell.

This would probably be great for you if you enjoy the process of applying a scent, if you get headaches from perfume or if someone you are in regular close contact to gets headaches. This is a very gentle perfume, that is handy for your handbag, that I do enjoy smelling... However, I don't think this is necessarily a switch out for spray highstreet perfume. The great thing about concepts like this, is that they get better. The other scents are worth a try, if you're in Edinburgh take a sniff!


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