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10 Ethical Ways to Show Somebody That You Love Them

Showing somebody that you love them, doesn't have to mean buying or consuming in any traditional sense.

If your other half is ethically engaged and has asked for no gifts! If this has left you scratching your head about how to gift or show them that you love them? Maybe you are both conscious consumers looking for some inspiration for a special occasion.

So here are 10 ethical inspirations to show that special somebody that you love them!

1) Give them a foot rub, back rub or head rub. A simple, free and thoughtful gift. You might choose to write up a little gift token or voucher and use oils and light some candles. Spending time with your loved one is the most important gift.

2) Go for a walk together

3) Cook them their favorite dinner. Taking time to plan and execute their favorite dinner, complete with doing the washing up afterwards is a simple but super romantic gesture for that special somebody.

4) Cook together. Not for everybody, but planning a dinner that you can cook together is a fun way to spend an evening in each others company. Sushi is a great, fun choice to cook together.

5) Do some of their chores. If your other half is busy kicking goals and getting on with their career, one of the most simple yet thoughtful uses of an afternoon is to do the chores. Do the laundry, hoover the house, make sure the groceries are done.

6) Buy a plant. Plants literally feed our brains with oxygen. Buy your other half a piece of nature for your home that you can nuture together, that will last long beyond a bunch of flowers.

7) Get them a reusable! Is there a reusable item that they've been wanting for a while?

8) Make them a wildlife hotel.

9) If you're keen to buy a gift, gift memories! Book an eco-holiday, or eco-weekend get away somewhere by train.

10) Donate to their favourite charity. Don't know their favourite? ASK!


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